Why All Companies, Startups, Entrepreneuers, should see the handwriting of the candidates, or employees ?

A trained graphologist can read the personality traits by studying an individual’s writing. This helps the employer to recruit the right mix of candidates for speedy growth of the company.

If you do an analysis you will see how many new firms are formed every year. Unfortunately how many continue with their business is the question, because sustaining is a bigger challenge. In the era of entrepreneurship it is more so as there is tough competition in becoming the next big thing.

Now the question comes that success depends on what? I feel for any business to succeed you need hardworking, smart, dedicated, passionate employees. We don’t take this seriously, as I feel that the success or failure depends on the company’s team performance.

Graphology is a science to analyse a person’s mind from his/her handwriting and signature. Our handwritings are our most expressive vents which we fail to consider. The handwriting reveals the pattern of thinking and psychological state of a person. Have you ever thought that the strokes and curves in your handwriting leads to your determination and innovation.

There have been many graphologists who have been associated with companies and helping them to recruit the right candidate. In the recent past I have noticed many companies consulting graphologists on matters like team building, growth, mental wellness, and detoxifying stress.

While raising capital is important, hiring the right person is the key to success. Financial security, stress, and facing failures are the most critical challenges that business organizations, startups are facing today. So with the help of graphologists, employers can choose traits such as honesty, work ethics, ambition, mental health, team work, etc.

With the help of a graphologist you can make small but significant changes, business leaders can be propelled to transform organisations which in the long run will help transform the overall business running and profitability. Business heads, human resources heads, can themselves learn this science and can identify and control their own psychological and financial health periodically for the benefit of their organisation.