How to improve concentration of your kids

“Can’t you stop being on social media for some time and take out your books”. I am sure most of you must have told your children this once during the day. Don’t you find it funny that your child can concentrate on their favorite shows, games and be on social media for hours, but the moment you ask them to take out their books all the focus starts to wander within minutes?

We all are aware that it’s not easy to control our mind. If you ask kids as well, they will also tell you how frustrated they become when they are trying to focus but aren’t able to. They have spent hours on Google or YouTube looking for different ways to concentrate, but unfortunately very few methods work.

I receive so many messages and emails from parents as well as students who want to know how to improve concentration. Consciously they try a lot to focus but within minutes, the mind starts wandering off and they get distracted and leave the room.

In handwriting analysis, lack of concentration is reflected by a few strokes, I and j dots, t bars, size of the alphabets. The placement, size and the shape of the dots, as well as its absence for that matter indicates the level of concentration.

A large writing indicates the writer’s inability to concentrate. While on the other hand small size writing shows the capacity, the writer has to stay focused. I will give you a few tips which has no side effects and can work with all the kids –

  • Try to place the dots near the stem to stay focused
  • Try to write half a page every day in small size and while doing the writing or pattern make sure you are not in a hurry to catch the train, so go slow.

There are many patterns in graphotherapy which also help the adults to improve their concentration power. The mind needs minimum 21 - 30 days to absorb anything new which we are trying consciously to bring a change in our personality.