I know most of you will agree with me that, most people perceive the word EGO as insulting or negative

I know most of you will agree with me that, most people perceive the word EGO as insulting or negative. You should see the other side of it, where we say that a healthy ego is an important piece of good self esteem. As Bart Baggett, a famous graphologist says "You may find someone with t-bars at the top of the stem, but if they have a tiny underdeveloped personal pronoun 'I' and a weak signature, the person may be ambitious but lacks the 'confidence and sense of certainty' to really achieve". They may achieve, but not to the level of a similar person with a healthy 'I' and large signature.

Pressure reveals the amount of mental energy the writer is currently using in his/her life. Pressure is an "unfixed" graphological trait, which means that we don't always write with the same pressure, it keeps changing according to our mood. For some, it may be same most of the time, which means that they are feeling averagely intense. People who write with high pressure indicate that they have high emotional energy.

One of the most profound uses of handwriting analysis is the art of compatibility analysis. Why I say "art" because even though predicting the personality is based on solid psychological principles, the ability to combine those two personalities and predict how these to humans will interact takes years of experience and is not something that can be calculated with math.

It is always easy to put the blame on your partner but according to me its a two way street. If you have any issue in your relationship get your handwriting analyzed by an handwriting analyst, so that you get the right solutions.

Do u know the Fear of Success is shown by a down turned y or g that doesn't go beyond the baseline. The closer it shows to the baseline, it shows that closer the person will approach the finish line, and take a u turn. Often the person have a feeling for dejection which occurs near success, as a result this person will get very close to success and then fail. These are small things but have lot of significance in our life.

Let’s talk about normal things that we can do to raise our spirit. Start speaking positively to yourself and start laughing at anything that you remember from your past......Just Try. Now force yourself to smile, may be its a fake smile but slowly ....slowly as you force yourself to smile long enough, you will eventually feel it for real. Handwriting is Brain writing ........concentrate to keep your handwriting going in a straight line across the page when you write. With practice one day you will see the change that happened unconsciously......it has become natural for u. This applies to everyone.....so from now on if you see someone writing downhill just be a buddy and help him with his writing and show him or her how much you care.