Few words about Pronology?


What is Pronology?

Pronology (ध्वनि ज्योतिष) is the study of names and the vibrations they produce, the study of how name vibrations influence one’s personality and life and the study of even how even slight changes in names can lead to great success in life.

Benefits of Pronology (ध्वनि ज्योतिष):

  • You get a name which will add up to your lucky number as per your birth date.
  • You get a name which will have the correct spelling that takes you closer to success.
  • You get a name which will produce vibrations that in turn influence people around you positively.
  • You get a name that keeps you happier and prosperous all your life through.
Nonetheless, by availing the benefits of Pronology (ध्वनि ज्योतिष), there are more chances of transcending the limitations of time, space and existence and this has been proven by experts(Pronology).

Pronology (ध्वनि ज्योतिष) is indeed a rare science and is not a matter of interpretation alone. It is the study of sounds or phonetics in combination with alphabets in your name plus the combination of astrology and calculating the lucky number based on alphabets one uses to spell their name with.

Pronology Services Offered

INR 5000 each

  • Lucky Mobile Number Selection
  • Lucky House Number Selection
  • Lucky Email ID Selection
  • Lucky Bank Account Number Selection
  • Lucky Bank Locker Number Selection
  • Lucky Car Number Combination

INR 15000 each

  • Detailed Marriage Compatibility
  • Complete Numerology Report
  • Existing Name Analysis and Correction
  • New Born Baby Names (Time required 3 days after discussion)

INR 20,000

For Personal Consultation
(Detailed Analysis of Current Issues and Solutions)