Few words about Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis

Is a method of identifying, evaluating and understanding a person’s personality through the patterns revealed by his handwriting. Whether you mind your "P"s or "q"s and dot your "I" or "j" and cross your "t" s can say a lot about how you think and behave.

Graphology .... as the name already suggests, grapho means .... "graph" and logy means "study". Our mind has neurons and they are further linked to our fingers, and our mood affects our writing and I am sure everybody will agree to this. When we are bored or in a real bad mood our handwriting goes heavier and it’s absolute illegible and it’s just the opposite when we are in a good mood.

The historical development of handwriting analysis spans more than a thousand years but the actual development of the science only occurred during the last hundred years.

References to handwriting analysis exist on cave walls in ancient temples in India. A book owned by the Brahmans, written in a language few scholars today can decipher, describes handwriting analysis. Handwriting analysis was sanctioned by Pliny, Emperor Augustus and Albertus Magnus by Galen, Ptolemy, Avicenna and Averroes.

Communicating through written symbols is a uniquely human endeavor. Although all graphic movements can be analyzed, handwriting is the most accessible for analysis because we teach the subject in our schools and most people can write.

Your conscious mind determines WHAT you write and subconscious mind determines HOW you write. Thus personality characteristics can be analyzed by an evaluation of the inescapable elements of handwriting which include size, pressure, speed, spacing, slant and over 20 others.

Handwriting analyses have long been used in Europe, where both the academic and business worlds consider it as a valid psycho diagnostic technique. Many companies in US now believe that it is now far less costly than the battery of psychological tests many companies use in the hiring process.

Handwriting Analysis Services Offered

  • Detailed Handwriting Analysis - Fees: ₹ 15000